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So yesterday we finished our kitchen.
I laid vinyl flooring and put the trim in. Raes room is done. Our room is getting there. Our living room is gorgeous. I love it. Getting ready to one in with someone I love very much who made me breakfast in bed this morning :))

Blah. Remodeling a house is stressful. Luckily auston and I will be.be moved in Saturday. Yeyee



i will always find a way out


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Sometimes I question where people’s loyalty actually lies. If it’s with someone their supposed to be friends with or someone who can give them comfort for that amount of time.

Anonymous: I've been crying nonstop too. I feel your pain :-(((

Are you okay hunny?

bets7827 said: House?! Congratulations! That’s a huge step! :)

It is, its a 3 bedroom! :)

i cant stop crying. im having such an emotional breakdown right now and no one to help

We got the house!!!:)

Today is the day!! omg, wish us luck. I wioll post the hopeful* good news tonight!! :D Wish auston and i luck! 

When people talk really bad at someone then talk to them or follow them like they’re actually friends. Hahahaha that’s cute